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  • Data storage Powered by BlockChain

    Blockchain provides the infrastructure for IPFS and is the most secure data storage space for organizations.

  • Rewards Paid Weekly

    Rewards are awarded in Filecoin currently* listed in top 20 on CoinMarketCap. Filecoin rewards are paid to your wallet weekly.

  • Complete Trading Academy

    Gain years of knowledge with Micro Training Videos on our education platform and forex signals.

  • VISA DEBIT CARD & Multi-currency Wallet

    Proprietary Visa Debit Card Integration with the platform – 53 million locations worldwide.

  • Lease Digital Real estate

    Leverage digital real estate and earn rewards for supplying storage for a highly sought after web service.

Today you can start growing your portfolio from data storage. Pioneer the build of the blockchain version of Amazon Web Services, the fastest growing technology infrastructure in the world! Finally start leveraging your money and make it work for you. No time commitment. If you have less than 4 hours a week to dedicate to building wealth, we have the lever that boosts cash flow.

It’s Time to Make Money Work For You

The lever that boosts cash flow is within your reach. We provide you the same wealth build opportunity that blockchain professionals are privy to. People who have found how to leverage data storage to bring in profits online and build a stream of income while you spend more time doing what you love.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services provides data processing and warehousing, storage, archive, and many others for organizations to move faster, lower IT costs, provide security and scale.

  • Expensive storage and data warehousing
  • Susceptible to Data breaches
  • No rewards for storage
Secure1475 Filecoin Data Storage

Secure1475 Filecoin Data storage, allows people the chance that institutional organizations have to participate in blockchain technology advancements like IPFS . We are providing you an opportunity to participate in blockchain data storage.

  • Inexpensive IPFS data storage
  • Decentralized & secure blockchain tech
  • Weekly Rewards to storage provider

Companies committed to use IPFS data storage

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Tyler Winklevoss compares filecoin to AMAZON

Tyler Winklevoss photo

Tyler Winklevoss: Ether (ETH) and Filecoin (FIL) are the new Amazon

Gemini CEO and cryptocurrency billionaire Tyler Winklevoss recently highlighted some similarities between some cryptocurrency projects and their centralized counterparts.

According to him, Ethereum and Filecoin are the cryptocurrencies most likely to be used on a large scale.

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Filecoin Rewards

Data storage rewards are paid in filecoin, the currency helping build the infrastructure. Like all cryptocurrencies, you have the opportunity to earn data mining rewards.

  • Storage rewards for maintaining data
  • Search rewards for retrieved data from storage
  • Block rewards for organizing data & ledger entries
Digital Real Estate

Real estate is the top portfolio holding. Digital real estate is your inexpensive and scaleable opportunity to build a passive portfolio. By leasing data storage you leveraging blockchain technology to provide a valuable service in high demand.

  • Capitalize on passive storage rewards
  • Lease data storage to organizations
  • No property management required

Secure 1475 is THE New digital real estate Platform to Grow Profits without the upkeep.

Let’s face it, these times are more uncertain than ever. People are losing their incomes and a growing fear of what is next is causing more and more worry. With the instability of the economy, it is crucial now more than ever to be able to leverage tools that provide monthly rewards. The Secure1475 data storage platform is your all-in-one solution to grow mass profits!

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Filecoin Rewards are awesome

Providing storage opportunities and earning rewards is a great addition for long-term growth to my portfolio.

Big Players are Involved

When you see big companies involved in a blockchain project you have to do your research, the Secure1475 Filecoin project is an incredible asset and currency wrapped into one.

The Future of Web Services

Blockchain technology is so promising its awesome to be part of a web service revolution with Secure1475 and providing the world decentralized data and being rewarded!

Digital Real Estate

I have added more TB's to my portfolio because the passive rewards and it's not time prohibitive.


more time.


more money.


more freedom.

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Mass Profits From Digital Real Estate!

Start today and find out what it’s like to truly leverage a new kind of real estate with data storage like never before. Start today and learn how you can boost Cash flow!

  • Leverages a need for secure data storage
  • No big time commitment or property management
  • Learn to boost Cash flow!
  • Start Growing a Passive Weekly Income
  • Requires No Experience
  • Requires Only a Phone or Laptop